A Daddy and his son

Scott is an amazing father.

He’s a million amazing things. He’s a great husband and he’s my best friend, but the absolute best thing about him now is how wonderful he is as a father. He’s laidback, he’s calm and patient and he is just going to be such a fun dad to Zack.


He lays Zack on his legs at night and makes really cute noises to get the baby excited and happy.







They make funny faces at each other.





And just about every night, Scott handles bedtime.

He rubs lotion on Zack’s skin and talks quietly and soothingly.








Then, the boys shoo Momma out of the nursery and Daddy gives Zack a bottle, rocking every now and then and collecting his thoughts from the day.










Scott makes me so happy, and I told him this tonight as I was leaving the baby’s room. He didn’t say much, but then a little while later he came up to me, and in perfect Scott Speak, told me it’s not that I make him happy… and I almost smacked him.

Instead, he said, when I leave him, even if it’s just to another room, he feels empty. Scott put his hand on his heart and said I complete him.



My guys, my guys, my guys. They complete me.

And make our trio a true family.


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