Party Prep in Pampers Land

You know how you’re in your mid-20s, single, baby-less with nothing to do but have a good time with friends and sleep in really late and you still feel like you have no time whatsoever to do all the things you wanted to do? (or the things you USED to do)?

Single, young friends, let me fill you in on something: You REALLY have no time to do anything (especially things you USED to do) once a certain Pampers-wearin’, mohawk-sportin’ fella comes into your life.

Things that were difficult and time-consuming to begin with, i.e. planning and hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner for at least seven people, REALLY get complicated once you enter Mommyhood. Especially if you’re not quite an organized person to begin with.

Scott typically handles the main courses for our guests, who include his parents and grandparents and this year my sister Shelby. My man does a great job. (Don’t worry, honey, I won’t tell anyone about that first time when you forgot to get the guts out of the bird and cooked the ole thing anyway.) This year, we’re having turkey, candied yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes and carrots. (I’m probably forgetting something, too)

I handle the picture-taking, entertaining, table-setting and desserts. This year we’re having two pies, and while one is a simple easy-peasy pumpkin pie, the other is a time-consuming pie that involves several steps and parts, freezing, sauteeing, yadda yadda…

So, last night, in preparation for a busy week and a difficult dessert, I got creative — and organized! I took the containers/shells that the desserts would be baked in and put in all of the ingredients that I will need for the recipe (including measuring out things like brown sugar into labeled Ziploc sandwich bags). I also inserted the measuring cups and spoons that I will need as well as a Post-It list of refrigerated ingredients (like eggs or cream) into the containers.

All I’ll have to do when I want to make pies (probably tomorrow evening after work) is grab whichever container corresponds to the dessert of the moment and get to work. I won’t have to go hunting for spoons or re-reading the the recipe 100 times. I am just able to use the few precious moments I have and get ‘er done!

The further I get into my role as a parent, the more I realize that the little things I can do to save a few minutes or to think a little bit ahead go a long, long way.

Gobble, gobble!

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