Keeping tradition

I am alone in our living room for the moment. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are both currently being recorded on TV and “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” is playing on my Pandora Radio online.

There is a basket of laundry at my feet that has been waiting patiently for me to fold it — these baby pajamas won’t fold themselves, apparently. Hmrph.

I am too content admiring our new living room set-up (it’s our second reconfiguration of the furniture in the past month, but one I think we’ll keep) and am mesmerized by the white lights on our Christmas tree speaking to me of holidays past.

And there is the chirping and squeaking of a baby boy coming over the monitor to my left. Zachary’s belly is full, his eyes are heavy and he is about to drift off to sleep like a good little boy.

Say it with me now: Life is good.

This year, I have my first real Christmas holiday since I became a working girl. I’ve somehow always manged to be working either Christmas day or the weekend immediately preceding or following the holiday and haven’t gotten to really enjoy time back home in New Jersey with my family since before college. But in just a few weeks, I will visit with almost all of my mom’s family, showing off my handsome hubby and beautiful child and sharing in some of the traditions I’ve missed these past few years.

We’ve already started a great tradition with Zack. His Great Aunt Alice (my mom’s sister) got him a Baby’s First Christmas ornament — a beautiful, engraved one with his birthday and name on them. It joins the 20-plus ornaments I have from her that adorn our tree and highlight other special milestones for my family, like the key from the year we got our first home or the 2009 one from the year we were married. Zack and I walk downstairs each morning and I put the ornament in his hand so that he can feel it.

We’ll be making the trek to my mom’s brother’s house in Massachusetts in the days following Christmas and I can’t wait to be with my cousins and for Zack to be with his — perhaps we will have another Cousins on the Stairs picture like we’ve done before. And let’s not forget the Cousins on the Couch photo I take with other cousins on Christmas night following an evening of games and laughter.

(I think those are the only specific group photos with cousins we plan out each year, haha)

This time next year, Scott and I will have to get serious about starting our Christmas traditions with Zack so that we can keep them going and give him something to remember, treasure and look forward to each year.

I can’t wait!

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