Warming a cold heart

My job takes all of the fun out of life sometimes.

You wake up, heavy eyes and aching back but ready to face the day — and your smiling baby cooing in his crib. You leave your house, sad without your handsome dude in your arms (or safely in the backseat!) but happy with life.

And then you find yourself in a courtroom listening to disgusting things done by people who never should have been allowed to procreate.

That was my day.

My heart was sad and heavy as I drove through flooded roadways (hello, Mother Nature!) on my way home this afternoon after covering a preliminary hearing. I was excited to hold that baby of mine but also so frustrated that people can waste a good thing, hurt a beautiful, innocent person. It just doesn’t make sense.


But, despite a long day and a hard day, my heart has become warm as our living room fire; warm as my husband’s laugh and my baby’s smiling eyes.Our Christmas cards have arrived and envelopes need filled out while watching TV on the coach.

Then, I will trudge slowly up the stairs and cuddle into my dear friend the electric blanket, just to wake up and face another day, sure to be a hard one, tomorrow.




I will make it through this day, this week.




My heart is warm again.

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