Q&A… with Zack’s Grandma

Zack’s parents are not the only swell people in the Mohawked One’s life. I thought a fun feature of the blog could be a sort of Q&A with our loved ones. It is my intention for you (and me!) to see our world from a different point of view in ways that can be thought-provoking, entertaining and interesting all at once.

Our first victim, er, spotlight will be with Scott’s mother, Debbie, my mother-in-law and Zack’s paternal grandmother and full-time babysitter.

[Interview done during the baby’s feeding earlier this week]

What were your first thoughts and emotions when told that Wendy was pregnant? Did you have a hunch ahead of time?

Debbie: Excitement. Happiness. Sheer joy which I still feel.

I knew. On Christmas Day, I offered Wendy some coffee and Scott clearly said, “My wife won’t be having any.” It was given away. I didn’t say a word to anyone.

[Blogger’s note: Wendy and Scott found out they were pregnant in early December 2009, but didn’t tell Scott’s parents or most other people until a month or two later.]

What was the best part of our pregnancy journey for you?

D: Watching you guys grow, not just physically. [Laughs] It’s really neat to watch somebody else go through the experience. It was a good time. A very good nine months.

Did you honestly have a preference on the baby’s gender?

D: Absolutely not. We love babies. We didn’t care.

How was the official “labor day” for you?

D: I didn’t put the phone down. I carried one cordless phone around until the battery went dead. Then I carried the other one around with me.

[Blogger’s note: We stopped at Debbie and Calvin’s house on our way to the hospital for the third day of contractions. We thought we’d be discharged again and would see Debbie for lunch. We called her an hour later and told her today was the day. And then we left her hanging for nearly six hours.]

What was your reaction when you found out I had to have a C-section?

D: That was scary. The doctors know what they were doing.

What was that momen t like when you first saw the baby?

D: I didn’t cry right away. [She said as she started to well up.] There’s just no words. [Debbie started wiping tears] I loved him from the moment I laid eyes on him. It’s unconditional love.

And what about when you were told he had Down Syndrome? [Blogger’s note: We were told it was a possibility by the pediatrician at the hospital Monday after Zack’s birth. Zack’s discharge was delayed Tuesday until we could line up an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist. We didn’t tell anyone about the pediatrician’s hunch about DS until we told Scott’s parents Wednesday after that appointment. We found out for sure when test results were called to us Saturday.]

D: Sunday, right when I saw him, he opened his eyes and looked at me and I knew. Tuesday, when you were not discharged, I completely fell apart. I told Calvin the baby had Down Syndrome. Wednesday was one of the hardest times we’ve ever had together. Right now, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. It was so scary at first because we didn’t know that little person yet. He’s not that baby with Down Syndrome. He’s our grandson. He’s a healthy baby boy and he’s doing great. He’s just such a joy.

How would you describe Zack’s personality?

D: I think he’s precious. He’s very mellow. The best times are sometimes when you’re changing him and his eyes are looking and you and he’ll just watch you until he makes a noise. Then he’ll smile. Having little conversations with him are really special to me. I love letting him talk to me.

How would you describe Scott and me as parents?

D: I’m so proud of my kids and the parents you’ve become. You were parents before you even had Zack. You thought like parents do. It’s very natural for both of you. I think you’ve been very comfortable with him since Day One.

How is being a grandparent different from being a parent?

D: I think we’re in a different place in our lives. It’s hard being a parent, working, taking care of the house, putting food on the table and taking care of the baby. We’ve been there, done that. It’s not easy.

We’re looking forward to him growing up and getting older and playing ball, things like that. Grandparents come and play and then they leave. Get ’em good and dirty and high on sugar and then give them back. [Laughs mischievously.] I love every minute of it.

[Blogger’s note: I think we’re in trouble… :-)]

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