The magic and the wonder

Between the snow, the Christmas decorations and atmosphere and a certain blue-eyed baby, this winter I think will be a little less dreary than most.

My cousin Nicole recommended I listen to this song (it even says Zachary!) and now I have it on repeat as I look over photos from an evening with my two guys.

I love the phrase the magic and the wonder our ole Rocky Mountain friend sings about in that song. This year has given me much magic and wonder. These past four months have been magical and wonderful and more so because of the moments where the magic and wonder was hidden in a deep dark place that I HAD to visit. To get from there to here. There is magic here. And great wonder.

I’ve also been reminded to, quoting the title of my absolute favoritest blog ever, enjoy the small things. There are moments where I am oblivious to the attention my little blog has gotten already, although I’ve asked for it with Facebook sharing and word of mouth and a mass e-mail here and there. But then there are people I never knew who are sending me thoughts of love; there are acquaintances-turned-friends simply because they spent a few minutes ‘in my world’ here.  Church members are reading and people I work with or see through work are cheering us Z’s on every day.


That’s huge.



I don’t blog for the comments (though they make my day!) or for attention (I like being behind the scenes). This post explains why you blog. At least it hits the nail on the head for me.



This is such therapy for me.


Some days I’m barely hanging on and just letting my fingers roam the keys puts a calmness in my soul. Other days, I’m so proud of my son, my husband, my life, that I have to stop uploading photos and laughing out loud. And some days, very much today, is a neutral ground somewhere in between.

Don’t laugh, but it makes me feel whole. It makes me stop and take notice of the magic and the wonder in my life; of the small things and beautiful things that might otherwise escape my reflection of a busy day.


It heals me.






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