Q&A… with “Aunt” Jeannine

Happy Friday! It’s time for another question-and-answer post, this time with Zack’s honorary aunt, Jeannine.

She’s known as Jeans to me and she’s been one of those people. You know the kind, or at least I hope you find the kind.

We’ve known each other about 10 years, from an instant click our sophomore year of high school when we began to cause more trouble than our parents ever want to know.

I never thought it was possible to have so many hilarious inside jokes with somebody. Jokes that hold up a decade later.

Beyond her gorgeous grin and thoughtful character, Jeans has saved my life. A lot of you are probably shaking your head at such a crazy statement, but please trust me, it’s true. I repeat it to myself every time I see her. Jeannine saved my life.

I love the text messages I get from Jeannine, even if it’s not for days later thanks to our fantastic cell service out here in the country. I get ‘life update’ e-mails from her and despite our ups and downs these last few years, she’s taught me the importance of aging well, and the need to do that growing up with somebody you love.

They say
“I’m so glad that you finally made it here, You thought nobody cared, but I did, I could tell,”
And “This is your year,” and “It always starts here,”And oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh, “You’re aging well.”


I’m smitten with the way that Jeannine looks at my son and I know that he will be lucky to have such a fantastic woman in his life.




And don’t get me started on her wonderful man, Jeff.

You know how some people just bring out the best in each other, make the whole world so stinkin’ happy just by their presence together as a couple? Yep, that’s Jeans and Jeff.




Enough! I present without further ado, the one, the only… Ms. Jeannine.


– How do you know Wendy and Scott?
I’ve known Wendy since high school, and I was able to meet Scott not too long before they got married.
– What’s your first memory with Wendy? What’s one of your favorite memories with Wendy?
Haha! Being in Mrs. Niper’s English class.  We were supposed to be working on a collage about a novel we had read as a class…but instead we were looking around the window and laughing and generally having way too much fun.
– Explain the importance of veggies.
Well it turns out that good friends make for a good life – and vegetables are good for the soul!  So eat your greens and don’t be stingy with the laughs 😉
– If you and Jeff could corrupt Zack for one day, what would you teach him?

I would definitely dye that mohawk if I could!  And I’m sure that Jeff would have him rocking out to that crazy rock n’ roll those darn kids are listening to these days.
But  real…what is the fun of being the cool aunt if I report back to his mom on everything??

– What makes Wendy and Scott a good couple?
They treat each other with respect – and that goes a long way and covers a lot of ground.
– Zack loves his new red hat. He wants to know how you came up with the design/idea and how  long it t ook you to make.
Haha!  I’m glad he likes it – it was fun to make.  I saw the pattern for the beanie in a book (just two half circles, nothing fancy) when I was in Barnes and Noble, but I didn’t really think to put it to use until one night when I started to freak out over my thesis and needed something hands-on to do. I had the spare red fabric from a sweater, and added the Z (which used to be trim on another garment), b/c I had this very blog on my mind 🙂  It took an hour or so, and reminded me that while I’m proud of myself for sticking it out in grad school, I’m happiest being creative and making things for people I love – so thank you, Zack, for a wake-up call that I really, really needed.
– 5 or 10 years ago, did you think we’d be here? (you can define here)
Here: “Doing the right things at the right time, in the best way we know how”  (how is that for a definition?)  I think its one of those things where you get so caught up in life, or I do at least, that you don’t notice that you’re “here” or “there” until one day you look around and say to yourself, you know, we’re aging well.

– Truth or Truth: A movie about your life is going to be made. What is the name of the film? What’s the main soundtrack song from the best scene? What actress is playing you? What one quote from our friendship MUST be included in the movie?
WELL. Wendy is a cheater b/c this question has been asked in this game about a million times!  😛

You know, lets call it “Here, in Progress” – and I think Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren should play us! I think the soundtrack should be a mix of Madonna songs, the Sound of Music, everything from Beaches, some Springsteen and also some ABBA – and we sing all of them.

I would love to give your readers a preview of some of the quotes from this movie, but none of ’em are fit to print 😉

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