It’s beginning to look a lot like…

… a frenzied Momma preparing for the holidays while working full-time (and then some), taking care of baby, trying to get quality time with Handsome Hubby and counting the days and hours and minutes until my super-dooper Christmas vacation traveling through New Jersey and Massachusetts.


No wonder my licked Christmas card envelopes are going to smell like Pinot Grigio.







I am, underneath the build-up of stress and anxiety and the apprehension and absolute joy and excitement about our travels, I am still the little girl who wrote to Santa, bribing him not with cookies and milk, but with a beer.







I am overjoyed every time we receive a new adorable photo card from our friends and family with little ones.


I feel at such peace running my hands over the ceramic Christmas tree my mother made with her hands years and years and years ago.





I gaze, with Zack, at the lights on our tree — those lights that are turned on first thing when I walk downstairs in the morning and stay on until we go up to be each night.



And the Christmas music that is probably driving my mother-in-law absolutely crazy when she’s over baby-sitting still hasn’t gotten old to me.



I am in a beautiful place in so many ways. And I still bribe my “Santa” with beer.

And promises of a lifetime of love and all that stuff, too. Oh, and cute babies. REALLY cute babies with mohawks.


One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. Wendy-
    Please post the Dear Santa letter about the beer. I’ve got the feeling it’s very cute and absolutely hilarious. :o)

    By the way, I love the “falling snow” appearing on the blog today.


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