Q & A… with friend Meghan

Hello and happy weekend!

Guess who’s going to be a Momma ANY.DAY.NOW?! My college friend and former Cross Country teammate Meghan’s due date is today. I’m not even sure if she’s had the baby yet… her Facebook page is quiet and I haven’t gotten any messages yet… so here’s hoping for a safe and easy delivery of her baby girl really soon!

Despite growing up in two different states, we two ladies graduated college and went on with our lives and careers and loves… and wound up living 20 minutes away from each other now and bumping into each other every now and then for work. It’s a crazy, small ole world.

I introduce to you, Miss Meghan, who will be a fabulous mother…

<— (Meghan and I are sitting next to each other in this photo, taken before a championships race for college Cross Country in 2005).



<— (Meghan and I in XC in 2005 with teammate Daisy in the middle)

How do you know Wendy?

MEGHAN: Wendy & I were XC/College buddies and somehow Wendy ended up in my hometown area after college (God what were you thinking 🙂 ). We reconnected after my GM ‘spilled the beans’ and said I was pregnant after I told him not to!!!

Blogger’s note: I was covering a story at the resort Meghan works at when I was about five or six months pregnant. The General Manager hadn’t seen me while I was pregnant yet and started telling me this “funny story” about a catering manager who was pregnant before I could tell him I had an idea of who he was talking about…


When is your due date? What are you having? Any names chosen yet?

Due Date = 12/17/2010; we’re having a little girl (my poor husband) and we haven’t been able to settle on a first name yet!! We’re between Samantha, Cassidy and Sidney. Her middle name will be Marie in honor of my late grandmother whom I was very close to. She passed away my Junior year of High School.

How was your pregnancy?

Pregnancy was a SURPRISE!!! I didn’t even find out until I was 13 weeks!! I was sick as a dog until about 17 weeks (you would have thought I’d figure it out with that, but I was in denial and also planning my wedding so I attributed it to stress). From weeks 17 to  35 I felt GREAT!!! Still super active, didn’t gain a ton of weight…I’m a wedding planner and I was still able to put in my 15-hour Saturdays and come home and be okay!! Then, at 35 weeks I went into pre-term labor contractions and had to be put on medicine for roughly 10 days…I’m now at 39 weeks and it’s starting to hit me, but all in all…I’ve been pretty darn lucky!!


What are you most worried or nervous about with the delivery/labor? What about those first few months with baby?

I am afraid that something will go wrong during labor. I’m also afraid that I will run out of steam part way through and not be able to push enough to finish everything. I’m still up in the air about an epidural because I figure that…up until this point, I’ve endured discomfort for 9 months, why not see if I can just finish it off the old fashioned way! As far as the first few months…I’m terrified of EVERYHING!!! I’ve never really held or been around tiny babies (neither has Matt) – I’m still flabbergasted at the fact that these doctors are going to allow me to leave the hospital with this little creature…I’ll probably feel like I’m stealing something…like “are you really sure you’re letting me take this home?”


What are you most excited about?

I’m very excited to finally meet her – I’m adopted so my daughter will be the only blood relative I have in my life and that’s a pretty cool thing. I can’t wait to see what she looks like & then also see her personality develop: who will she be like? Will she be a math lady like her dad or a planner like her momma?


What nitty-gritty information do you really wish you knew?

I would want to know all the horrific gross stuff that happens AFTER you have the baby: no one really gets into it with you about the bleeding, your nipples feeling like they’re falling off, not being able to hold your pee like a normal human being…like, give it to me straight. Everyone kind of glosses over stuff (even in the classes)…tell me if I’m going to have to sleep on a puppy pee pad for 6 weeks after the fact because I’m leaking all kinds of nonesense!!!!


What kind of mom do you think you’ll be? How do you think Matt will be as a father?

I think I will be a basketcase as a mom. Hopefully I’ll do a great job and teach my daughter to be a strong and independent young lady that has LOTS of confidence. I also think that I will have way too much fun ‘dressing her up’ and will encourage a dangerous shopping habit from an early age (much to her father’s dismay). Matt is going to be an AMAZING father…honestly, until Matt, I never even wanted children. He is the whole reason that I ever entertained the thought: he is the kindest, most amazing person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see him hold her when she’s first born. I mean, c’mon…what is sexier than your husband holding a baby!!!?


Best wishes and lots of get-a-lot-of-sleep happy thoughts to Meghan and Matt!

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