Dedication and Celebration

Sunday was a special day for Zack in many ways.

Hopefully the first of many important steps in his faith journey came with his dedication at church. In our church, a dedication is most similar to what you would see with a Christening in the Catholic or Orthodox faiths (where I came from). It’s a way for the church family, as well as Zack’s parents and other loved ones to promise they will help to keep faith in Z-Man’s life and to teach him all he needs to know about being a good person. Nope, GREAT person.

We were one of four families who had little ones dedicated on Sunday. One by one, Pastor Wayne would snuggle up with the child, introduce them to the church and say a prayer over them. We also were presented with a Faith Journey Box for Zack to keep all his church and faith collectibles in over the next many years and a white rose to mark the occasion.






Another Proud Momma moment came watching Zack cuddle in to the pastor’s shoulder as the amazing man carried him down the aisle that Scott and I walked down as man and wife just over a year ago.



Then we came home to enjoy an early Christmas with Scott’s parents and grandparents since us three are heading out to New Jersey and Massachusetts for celebrations with my family.












We loved the gifts, we enjoyed the ceremony and we appreciate all this fuzzy-wuzzy l-o-v-e.




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