A little girl’s letter to Santa

As per the requests of many faithful readers…

[Taken as is from a letter dated 1990, age 6 1/2 years)

To Santa

from Wendy M.

for Chritmas I want little miss magic hair. and My little Pony bride. and a new bike. and a sweater to wear for Christmas Day. and a game and a dancing ballerina doll. and candy.

I am being a good girl. and I love you. and I am leaving you cookies and a beer and a carrot for the rain deers.

Love Wendy Rose


(heart, star?)


What a sweet, innocent and very wise girl, eh? 🙂 You better believe that Zack’s Santa will be enjoying himself a Yuengling for many, many years. My husband, er, Santa, wouldn’t have it any other way.


If I had to update my letter to Santa for this year, it would probably be something like this:

To Santa,

From Mrs. Z(ee).

For Christmas I want open doors and open hearts for my son. I want safe travels this holiday for us and all of our loved ones that we are looking forward to seeing.

I’ll skip the candy and will gladly accept more time to bake my own sweets in my kitchen.

I want a shirt to wear on Christmas (or at least once a week) that doesn’t smell like sour milk.

I want to dance like crazy once every day, preferably by myself in my living room or in the shower.

I want my blog to continue as therapy for me and inspiration for others. I want myself to continue to be inspired.

I want the words “down syndrome” to hurt less. I want to smile with my Dude more often.


A lot of “want” going on here. My only need? To be as happy tomorrow as I am today. And to realize tomorrow how blessed I am today. And then the day after that and after that and after that. I want a part of me to always be the six-year-old whose biggest wish was My Little Pony. And a part of me to remember grown-up me makes her own wishes come true.



PS – I know you’re not a big part of our lives yet this year, but I am so excited to start traditions all about you next year when Zack can really enoy it all. Merry Christmas!

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