Tootle-loo, 2010.

With all due respect 2010, you were fine and all, but it’s time you go.

I mean you gave me an easy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy, but really, I can’t imagine all the grey hairs I’ve gained and the many, many times I held my breath in fear, sadness, absolute shock or a mixture of the three.

2010 is a year I will never forget. It’s also a year that was distinctly split into two sub-years: January through July and August through December.

I was invincible through July.

After August, I became vulnerable. But perhaps that’s the best part of 2010; the one true treasure the year brought to me. It’s OK to be vulnerable; it’s better, I think.

The year began by missing my midnight smooch with my husband because the Baby Z-2-B was slamming down on my bladder. I found myself flushing the new year in while Scott found himself alone. This year, we’re hanging out quietly in our home after a week of travels (updates to follow in the coming days). It’s a great way to cap off this year.This year was all about family, from just a few weeks before last New Year’s Eve, all the way to the moment I laid my son in his crib tonight, wishing him sweet dreams and reminding myself that sometimes life is all about a mohawk.

I am grateful to 2010. Here are a few reasons why:




























































































































Thank you to everyone who provided…

… love. faith. humor. inspiration. kindness. deep thoughts. belly laughs. photos. gifts. advice. grace. hope. kisses. hugs. smiles. visits. talks. friendship. selflessness…

… and did i mention love?

I hope that I may return the favor to you in 2011.

My resolution is simple.I want to be simple. Think simply. Live in a realm of simplicity even when life is not easy. Enjoy the small things. Relish the big moments. Stop worrying. Stop thinking. Just LIVE.

May your dreams come true, your love come alive and your heart soar with happiness. Every day. If it doesn’t just magically happen for you when you wake up in the morning, make it happen. And just live.

Happy 2011.

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