The 2010 Christmas Adventure: Part Two

I spent a large portion of Christmas week trying to convince Scott to move with me to New England. There’s just something about the quaint towns, incredible history (Hi, Emily Dickinson’s house!) and the absolutely beautiful scenery. Something that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, from the first cup of coffee while gazing out at the birds on the feeder in the backyard until the moment I go to sleep, fingertips running over book titles on my uncle’s shelf.

My uncle and aunt are incredible people who treated us to a fabulous few days at their northwestern Massachusetts home.

The sharing of life experiences and family history; the bonding over favorite authors and their best works and conversations on a wide range of activities that kept us up way past our bedtimes.

It was also really special to see my Mom’s brother — and my Godfather — and his family, including my cousins and their two boys, having such a special time with Z-Man.



My gemela and Maid of Honor Nicole drove a couple of hours from Boston to spend a few hours with us, too. She spent so much time out here this past summer getting our home — and me! — ready as possible for Zack’s arrival that I was so glad to finally see my guy in her arms. (She’s visiting in February, too!)





It was much harder than I expected to leave Mount Sugarloaf and those colonial houses behind, not to mention the warm embraces and sweet smiles, but it had to be done.


And if I find a great-paying job that would allow Scott to stay home, I’ve got permission to move out there, too! Or, we’ll just keep trying to bribe him with New England’s grandeur… 🙂



Such a fantastic Christmas. There just are no words for its beauty and joy. I’m eternally grateful.

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