Giving Zack and Nella a chance…

… to pursue their dreams.

… to push past boundaries.

… to prove people wrong.

… to do the things that makes others get those sad eyes because they think my son and a beautiful stranger friend named Nella can’t do them.


Another Mommy blogger with incredible talent as a writer, photographer and most especially, momma, included Zack in her recent post in honor of her daughter’s upcoming first birthday.

Please check this out.

I know money is tough. I know this isn’t JUST for Zachary. But it is, really. A donation to the National Down Syndrome Society helps all of the Zacharys, all of the Nellas. It helps their parents and their families, too.

My favorite Christmas present this year came from my cousin’s girlfriend, whom I haven’t even met yet. She donated to NDSS in Zachary’s honor. We have been so moved by that that there are still no words to express our sincere gratitude or amazement.

Kelle gives me  hope every week with her raw, honest voice and a peek into her world. A world that, like ours, included a diagnosis of Down Syndrome this year. A world that has been made better for it.

Thank you for those who  have supported us on this journey so far.

Thank you to those who ask questions and find answers.

Thank you to Nella.

And to Zachary. You make me a better momma, a better person.

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