Five Months Old!

Our little big guy turned five months old a couple of days ago.




I think I just need a recording to play on repeat that says: I can NOT believe how quickly the time is going by already!



I sat down to write this post just now, amazed at all of the accomplishments and changes I’ve noticed these past few weeks when lo and behold, The Dude decides while frolicking in his rainforest jungle gym to show off for his mom and dad and he rolled over from his belly to his back for the first time!

And then he did it again. And then again.

Three times doing a new feat in less than five minutes. Showoff!

Actually, that’s typical Zack. We are already coming across delays and speedbumps that make it difficult to NOT compare with his friends, but we now know that the wait is well worth it. When Zack does master a new skill, whether it’s holding his head up or tolerating sitting up a little longer, he just zooms forward and makes us forget there was even a time that we struggled with the feat.

As I watch him pull with both hands at his sock, which is gradually coming off his foot, I really have to force myself to remember the not-so-distant past when we waited eagerly for him to reach for things with even one hand.

And the flipping over to his belly was impossible even a few days ago. Then, suddenly, we went from screaming through barely five minutes’ of Tummy Time to this weekend, when it became absolutely normal for time on our belly to be pleasant and active and last more than 10 or 15 minutes. He’s not just laying there on the floor, he’s lifting his head up and looking around and I can’t wait to show off this skill to the physical therapist this week.

We are coming up to our three-month mark working with our therapists from Early Intervention already and Miss Kathleen and Miss Sheri have become important parts of lives. Zack is more accustomed to both of them and works well with them each week. We had a lot of homework over our Christmas vacation and we worked this baby hard every day, to the point where my dad would be yelling, “My grandson’s sad! Get him up and don’t work him so hard…” until we explained these were his exercises and were important to his successful development. Soon, he and my stepmother were on the floor urging him onto his belly or sitting next to him giving him things to grab.



Our great Christmas adventure was an important part of Zack’s last month. He added more states to the list of places he’s been to (or through): We’re now up to PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, WV, MD. Our little guy was a huge hit with all of the special loved ones we met along the way. He did well during the travels, considering he turned out to be dealing with his first cold, mixed up his days and nights and wanting some Momma Milk pretty much around the clock for comfort.

Speaking of Momma Milk… we officially ended breastfeeding this week. Momma and Baby are both handling the adjustment fairly well.


Rice cereal became a new staple of the boy’s diet, too. Momma and Daddy take turns feeding him spoonful after eagerly-anticipated spoonful, which is part mess and part entertainment. He’s doing great with it, though.


At our doctor’s appointment nearly four weeks ago, Zack weighed 14 pounds, 3 ounces and was 27 inches long. It’s a great weight and length and everybody’s pleased with how he’s doing.

It’s been a great time. And Month Six is looking to be pretty special, too.

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