Q&A with our friend (and new mom!) Jodi

Another beautiful baby has come into this world! Little Owen G. was born Sunday, Jan. 9. He weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Mom Jodi and Dad Mark are doing great, too! I was saving my Q&A with my friend Jodi until she became a Mommy, so without further ado…

How do you know Wendy and Scott?
I know Wendy and Scott through my husband. Mark and Scott went to high school together. I met Wendy at a wedding reception about 2 years ago about 3 months before their wedding.

[Blogger’s note: I remember very little about said reception other than catching the bouquet and embarrassing my husband-to-be immensely and having an absolute blast with Jodi and other friends]

When are you due? What are you having? Have any names?
Our baby boy is due January 18th, but we are hoping he comes a little early : ) Picking out a name was easy, and we picked it out quite early in the pregnancy. We wanted a short name like ours and came upon Owen. The name stuck with us and we have grown to love the name.

How has your pregnancy been so far? Highs? Lows? How is it different from what you expected?
Our pregnancy was quite a surprise, but we are happy nonetheless. It has been a wonderful pregnancy and I cannot complain about anything. I did not have morning sickness or any kind of problem throughout the entire pregnancy. I am now two days shy of 36 weeks and feel great! Slight tiredness has set in, but I will continue teaching up until he comes.

How do you think you will be as a mom? How will your hubby be as a dad?
I have to admit, being a mom makes me nervous. It is completely different when it comes to your own children. Our baby will have two very loving parents who will want to do the best and whatever it takes. I know Mark will be a wonderful father. He is caring, fun loving and patient. We will learn a lot from each other and work together to raise a happy baby.

What are you most fearful of/worried about with the labor/delivery? With the first few months?
I am terrified of labor and delivery. I fear the unknown, and that anything can change at the blink of an eye. I want to have a natural birth, but whatever is safer for the baby. I am going to the hospital with an open mind about an epidural or pain medication. I will see how it goes when I am there and do what I feel is better. As for the first months, I am afraid mostly of not knowing how to calm our baby down if he is crying. They say a mother just “knows”, but what if I don’t? I want to believe I will know, but then again, I may not know.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about seeing my husband with our son. I feel it is going to be such an amazing time. I am excited to see who he looks like most and just being a family of three.

If you could get a truthful answer about ANY pregnancy/delivery/Mommy-related question, what would you want to know?
There are so many questions!! I want to know how long it is going to take me to heal and will I feel the same as I did before I was pregnant? I’m sure there are more, and I will definitely be asking you for advice. You are such a strong wonderful mom and I hope to have the strength that you do. : )

*Photos are courtesy of Jodi’s Facebook updates. I was given no permission from Jodi, but seriously, I doubt I’d EVER get permission from any new mom to share these photos. I promise to make up for it by baby-sitting and loving that little boy and making sure Zack is a good influence. 🙂


Welcome to the world, Little Owen. May your dreams be huge — and reachable. May your parents get lots of sleep and keep their patience. And may you make your mark in the world, little guy. You can always come to “Aunt” Wendy and “Uncle” Scott’s house if you need to get away from your mean parents! (haha!)

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