Yummy in his tummy

I’ve mentioned before that The Dude has begun eating rice cereal. We give him the cereal about once a day and it has slowly become a hit.

He’s gone from fighting every spoonful and becoming a huge mess to opening his mouth in anticipation of that white gooey glory heading his way, to the tune of Momma’s annoying “Reaaaaady…. open! Ahhhhh…!”

We’ve upped how much of it we give him at a sitting and he’s doing great. It’s a fun change of pace from our normal bottle feedings during the rest of the day. And no matter how much he enjoys it, there’s still a lovely mess at the end… over him, over the feeder, across the high chair, over most of his clothes, sometimes on the floor… you get the idea.

I can’t help but smile during good ole suppertime.

2 thoughts on “Yummy in his tummy

  1. I cannot believe you say he is messy and the food is everywhere. He looks like such a good, clean eater. You shouldn’t tell stories like that. He so adorable! What a sweety pie!


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