Six months old, lil man

Every once in a while over the past few days, Scott and I will just stop — in the middle of a sentence, in the middle of a march to get some item on the ever-growing to-do list done. Stop and just say something along the lines of, “Half a year, really?”

Then we do a funny laugh or smile at one another. Then comes the silence. Just 30 seconds or so, but it feels like an hour. Our eyes go out way far ahead of the moment we’re actually in (or are they going back in time?) and then a shake of the head and it’s over. Until the next realization later that night or the next morning.

We’ve watched the first-through-fifth months fly by and it hasn’t hit us quite like this one. There’s something about one-half of a year with this unbelievable, impressionable, life-changing entity in your world.

I sometimes can’t help but compare months of Zack’s life with the months I spent pregnant. And it’s impossible not to compare how slowly my first six months of pregnancy seemed to go at the time. Or how unfair it is that the six months of Zack’s life have gone by much faster than I would have liked.

Yesterday he was just a cute lil blob we were getting used to. Today he’s rolling and babbling and raspberrying. Tomorrow he’ll be driving to his job at the White House.

Sigh. As long as he has quit his new addiction of blowing raspberries/poofs by then. Or not. It’s like the one thing he can do that instantly makes me and Scott burst into giggles. Like after Scott put him to bed the other night and then called me (at work) so that I could hear the last of a five-minute series of raspberries from the dude who was supposed to be sleeping. Scott was almost in hysterics and I could just make out this muffled “pffft” sound over the static-filled monitor.



It’s been a great month. We’re starting to have so many “firsts” happen that it’s hard to keep track of them all, and I’m certain this will the month where I finally completely forget one. Or two.


Sitting up is all the rage. We can see more things, look directly into faces and admire sunshine coming in through the windows or movement on the TV.

Despite all of our previous weeks of complaining about how much Belly Time sucked, we just can’t get enough of it now. Zack gets put on the floor and usually within SECONDS, he’s flipped over to the tummy, often times followed by drool and/or a milk mustache, depending on how soon after a meal it is.

Speaking of rolling, the other day Zack was on the floor and he flipped, in quick succession, to his stomach from his back and then returned to his back while flipping in the same direction. And then looked up at us like, “WHOA!”

Our therapy with Early Intervention is going great. Miss Kathleen, our PT, said last week’s physical therapy session was THE BEST ONE YET. And congratulated Z’s parents on working hard with him because it’s paying off. Mommy Tears? You betcha. I could have (should have?) hugged that lady. Maybe this week…


Then there’s food. Mmmm. Not sure if there is really enough food for Zack to eat sometimes. Eating 8 ounces of formula at a time is nothing big for Lil Big Dude. Combine that with our absolute love for wheat cereal (movin’ on up from last month’s rice cereal adventure), and we are all quite pleased with his perfectly round belly.Which is where he prefers to rest his hands a lot of times now. So cute!


Z-Man’s desire to literally reach out and grab everything he can get his hands on is so exhilarating for his parents to watch. He reaches up, up, up over his head if the toy is interesting enough to him. And will follow it with his eyes in all directions.

He grabs on to things with such ferocity and strength, too, often smiling when he achieves victory.

And the hair. Oh, the hair.

It’s no longer reddish in color, which Daddy is quite happy about, apparently in a hatred of all Irish people! It’s becoming very, very light blond. And there are some days ZZ still rocks the mohawk and other days where it’s very much a Donald Trump combover. The funniest, however, is when it’s a cross of the two. All party and business all over the place. And our big ole bald spot in the back is starting to go away, too, which makes the hair on the bottom look less than a mullet (which makes Mommy happy).

And there is one strand of hair by his one ear that has to be four inches long. All by itself. Hysterical.


He’s still a pretty mellow, happy-go-lucky Duders most of the time.

His parents think he’s starting the teething process (hello, drool!) and so we have more cranky-potamus moments than we used to, but even those are pretty easy to handle. Especially with all that blubber on his chin. 🙂


He gets in the funniest positions, too, usually involving his feet resting where his hands should be or grabbing for a toy with his toes instead of rolling over to reach out with his arms.


We don’t know his weight or length at this point, but we head to the doctor’s for a check-up on Thursday, so we should have some fun details then. (And perhaps the green light for something crazy — like a veggie or two!!!)




This has been my favorite month so far.


Life is good. Great. Grand. Perfect. And this guy reminds us of that every single day.

2 thoughts on “Six months old, lil man

  1. The fourth picture down, where he’s propped up in the recliner, I can picture a one-sided conversation going something like this:

    “What’s up, Momma Z? Whatchu think you’re doing taking another picture of me? Seriously?!?! Just watch, I won’t even smile, I’ll just leave a gaping hole of a mouth to show my surprise at yet another photo op for Momma Z.” ;o) Love it!


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