Hello, 27

It was a great birthday.

(Even though that groundhog is a filthy liar and 10 inches of snow dumped on us!)


There were the usual moments of beauty that I’m blessed with every day — the sleeping sounds of my son, resting on my shoulder, a favorite song playing on iTunes, a deep conversation with someone I love.

A nighttime fire. A game or two.

Laughter, beautiful laughter.

Cuddles and snuggles and kisses.



And then there were added bonuses.



Having my own Birthday Buddy to share our day.





A bit of glamour in our lives.







Flowers for both of us from my mother-in-law, thoughtful as she always is.




It wasn’t that far removed from a typical Tuesday, but I allowed myself to be pampered and to feel special. And I made sure to not make any big plans for myself in the next year. Because there’s that old saying about life making plans for you. And that’s definitely something I’ve learned in this past year.


So, I promise to enjoy my life, every mundane Monday (which are infrequent) or worrisome Wednesday (which it’s not) and make the most out of it all. I promise to love all these great things I get to hold on to, get to wrap myself around every day, not just on “special” days.



Thank you to everyone who sent a card (many people!), wrote a message or sent a text (which I probably didn’t receive yet!), sent presents (love ’em, thank you!) or called with love.




It was a great day.