So far so good

“So far, so good.”

It’s my go-to statement, without even thinking, every single time someone asks me how my first week of the new job has been going. It’s an easy answer and for new co-workers or acquaintances, it’s a safe answer. But really, that phrase doesn’t give it the justice it deserves.

In all actuality, it’s more than just a new job. It’s a new way of life for my entire family.

And it’s so much better than “so far, so good.”

It’s going great. And I feel so happy and content, even when I’m slightly overwhelmed or confused or just plain lost (which is happening less and less at work). And I’m even happy and content when the baby is still sleeping when I have to go to work in the morning. I’m pretty darned content all the time. I’m just in a good place overall right now and that brings me comfort — and lets me know that I’ve made the best decision.

I’m excited to get to work each day — to see the becoming-familiar faces and the new faces of guests. I am learning the feel of the front desk countertop under my fingertips and could probably walk the ground floor hallway with my eyes covered, not even bumping into the wooden upholstered chairs or 19th-century desks. And I can always count on Millie — a name etched into a corner window from 1888 — to make me smile when I walk past, no matter the task I’m working on or the mindset I’m in at the moment.

The laughs are becoming more frequent and the deep breaths out now outnumber the number of deep breaths I must take in.

And at the end of the day, which arrives much sooner than expected, I am equally as excited to arrive at home as I was to leave 11 hours before — excited to see my hunky hubby and my giggling son.


And what a homecoming. Every single day, despite a later bedtime anymore so that I can steal some time with him, Zack is happy. His face just seems to light up every night when he first sees me and that just heals any questioning in my soul.





And Scott and Zack have been cultivating this beautiful blossoming relationship. Oh my God, that last sentence was really cheesy. I spent a minute staring at it, laughing out loud, but couldn’t think of anything better. So we’ll leave it. So yes, grab your rakes and garden seeds for the blossoming relationship moment we’re having here. Sun hats optional, unless you burn easily like me.

Scott’s been handling the therapy sessions with Zack and I think it’s really opened up his eyes to all of the intricacies of Zack’s exercises and development.


And it’s amazing to see the two of them together — more so than ever before. What a team they make.

My heart just bursts every time I hear my tough-man husband say “Hey, big guy” or throws a huge smile Zack’s way.






I use every single sense to just take in all of the two of my guys in those precious couple of hours each night. I take in the baby lotion and baby wipe smells, roll my fingers over baby food-stained chubby cheeks and just explode with happiness with each innocent hair pull and hearty belly laugh. And I am just so in love with Scott.










I had all of these worries that working so much away from home would hurt my relationship with my two guys, but really, it’s made me appreciate, cherish and love them all the more.












So yes, “so far, so good.” And then some.

3 thoughts on “So far so good

  1. Wendy, I love reading your post. I haven’t known you, Zac, and Scott that long, but you seem like old friends. I sometimes think I should journal, but then I don’t. Please give both your young men a big kiss from an old lady….


  2. It’s funny Wendy. My boys are 14 and 12 now. (But I feel like I just brought them home yesterday!). I went back to work (teaching) when they were 2 and 5 months. I used to feel so guilty and worry about how it would affect them. All they remember is that they felt happy. They don’t remember any of the craziness that I felt! (Which is good!) So I tell all of my new mommy friends, just be happy – because it’s what they remember. 🙂


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