Off days that are spot on

Oh, glorious days off.

I love my job, I truly do. But there comes a point, usually a couple of hours before my fourth or fifth or even sixth day of work in a row where I realize that I am so close to a day or two with the loves of my life that I can barely contain a grin. I literally exhale with all of my might as I pull in to the garage and then squeeze my two guys a little harder when I walk in the door.

These days off are so perfect.

The kind of days with no make-up and yet you still feel beautiful, your hair styled by twirling little fingers and your perfume of choice a jazzy little number called Bananas. Where the hand holding with your husband comes so easy and the hugs keep going right up until the first snore of the evening.

Pinch me.

And then punch me if I ever complain about not being lucky. Because I have got to be the luckiest girl in the world.

The Dude and I started our “weekend” with a hike with our friend Meghan and her daughter Bree.

The weather permitted me to roll a window or two down and I couldn’t help but feel so very fortunate to call these long lines of mountain ridges and fields dotted with silos my home. The rolling stroller wheels and our conversation on everything from Mommyhood to working and being a busy wife and mother mixed in with the chirp of a flying friend and yes, I swear, I could even hear the wind passing through the trees. It was a fantastic morning and I’m looking forward to many more.

It doesn’t hurt to have not one but TWO sets of beautiful blue eyes staring up at you. Our children are so beautiful, Meg!

There was a visit to see my father-in-law, too, where a quick financial question turned into a terrific hour or so. I have always admired and respected my FIL — he’s funny, he cares about his family and he’s always acknowledged me and my interests and passions. He really “gets” me, too. And none of that has changed, nearly five years later, not even the grabbing infant on his knee while he sits in his office, surrounded by photos of his grandson. The word “proud” might as well be stamped across the office walls.

I was brought back outside again that afternoon, pushing off the front porch floor with my bare feet as the porch swing creaked along, Zack’s hair blowing back and forth as he turned his head quickly in one direction, and then another, and then — what’s that?! He was so mesmerized by it all. I’m so grateful to be having lovely spring weather finally. (Although it’s gone again for a few days, hmrph)

Even the animals are loving the open doors and fresh air!

And speaking of Zack’s hair, the little guy had his first haircut last night! His hair has always been super long (everyone remembers the natural mohawk, right?) but it stopped sticking straight up a couple of months ago. And then it could be easily contained to one side or the other, a la Donald Trump Combover. But recently it just became a hot mess, mostly sticking in his eyes or getting covered in the flung food from breakfast. So Momma broke down and agreed to a trim.

The first few moments with the cape on were a little unsettling for Z-Man, but then he was entertained by the shiny scissors (oh, great!) and colorful items the hairdresser’s assistant was holding up for him.

He got one to two inches trimmed in most spots, believe it or not, which just left his pale blond roots. It makes him look like a totally different baby — and more like a boy than a baby!

It was a very, very cool one of our “firsts.” Even if I’m still in denial that he needed a haircut already. I know I’ll be hearing from some of you. 🙂

I feel like my days off have become a collection of really special moments just strung together. Sloppy open-mouthed kisses and spontaneous power naps on my chest.

Perhaps Zack’s newest smile inducer is his recent babble. It’s happening much more frequently, longer and louder. It’s usually a ba-ba-ba sound, but I’ve heard a couple of “da” sounds in there and Scott swore he heard “Mom-mom-ma” the other night while he was making the Dude do some exercises.

The “a-ba-ba-ba” is hysterical and most often heard from the little man, with a bit of chomping motion from his mouth, but we have been seeing all sorts of different types of babbles — “yelling” at Rocky the cat who is almost always laying near the baby, excited, just-woke-up phrases with his tongue sticking out, conversations in the mirror and many more. I love them all. His sounds are just taking off suddenly and it’s amazing to watch it happen.

Basically, Z-Man is just amazing. And I’m not biased.

Back to work today and already planning my next “a-ba-ba” conversation with my handsome guy.

Because maybe “a-ba-ba” means “I love you.” 🙂

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