Nine Months Old

***Due to technical difficulties and a lot of yawns, I must throw in the towel without posting any photos today… I’ll try again soon!***

When Zack turned one month old, I remember comparing it to being one month pregnant. Just finding out there was a little somebody inside of me — a little bit of Scott and a little of me.

I did the same thing numerous times this past year. Three months old? When I was three months pregnant, we finally came “out” about our pregancy and were happy to have made it past the first trimester. At six months old, I was getting big and vowing never to have a baby in the summer again. And now, nine months.

At nine months, I was ready to go, ready to start the life I thought I knew all about.

I had no clue, but I love every minute of this beautiful surprise.

Z-Man is nine months old, loving life and every bit of the world around him, blue eyes following every noise and motion with such intense curiousity and scrutiny that I almost feel ashamed for not seeing the world like that myself.

We visit the pediatrician for the first time in three months this week, so until then, we just take stabs at guesses at his weight and length — maybe 18 pounds or so?

He’s wearing Size Nine Months clothes pretty comfortably, although he can still squeeze into some Six Months and can fill up some of his 12 Months, too.

After his haircut this month, we can officially say that our little guy is a definite blondie, just like his Daddy was as a baby. His hair has gotten some of the mohawk back and it’s a soft, fine texture that’s perfect for burying your head in during the day.

We’ve had a couple of very awesome, worked-our-butt-off-for-them milestones in the last week or two — most notably sitting on his own and saying some very beautiful words.

Sitting just suddenly ‘clicked,’ just like we knew it would. Z-Man was in physical therapy the other day with Miss Kathleen when she moved her arms just slightly and there The Dude sat, on his own, for 32 seconds. I hope I never forget the magnitude of 32 seconds. He still can’t move himself into a sitting position or stay sitting for very long, but he is enjoying it — just having a better vantage point to watch the world around him is exciting enough. I am just so proud of him. And of his Daddy and everyone who puts in the hard work and time with therapy exercises and sitting Battles of the Mind.

And just when I had wrapped this month up to be a beautiful gift worthy of a big red bow, and just in time for Mother’s Day, The Dude said the most lovely sound I’ve ever heard.

Last week one night, I got home from work, scooped him up and had this exhausted lil baby “help” me as I changed into some comfy clothes. He was laying on the bed while I walked back and forth, talking to him, when suddenly, clear as a bell, I heard “Ma Ma” as his big blue eyes looked up at me. Happy Mother’s Day to me indeed. 🙂

I’ve heard him say “Ma Ma” a few more times since then, including just now, as I type this and he sits looking at me from his chair. He might as well be saying “I love you, thanks for the hard nine months last year and for putting up with those 1 a.m. feedings last winter — you rock.”

The Spring weather that has finally arrived gives us plenty of opportunities for outside walks and fresh air memories and The Dude and I soak it all up on our days off. I love the sunshine that has brought us all out of this dark winter and I love being able to show my son the gorgeous scenery that surrounds us.

I’m looking forward to another month of sunshine-y days and blessed moments.

This is a happy Ma-Ma right here. 🙂

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