Sittin’ pretty, flyin’ high

I am flying high and my little guy is sittin’ like a big boy.

I don’t know that my life could be much better right now, but let’s go back a few days to the start of the best weekend I’ve had in a long time.

My long-haired, big-hearted Godfather and his beautiful bride (as he calls Aunt Dot) drove eight hours each way from their home in Massachusetts to get to know Zack better and to see a day or so in our lives.

There was a delicious dinner  last evening made by Uncle Joe. I can still smell the fresh garlic in our kitchen this morning. A long conversation over candlelight, with Frank Sinatra playing in the background touched on subjects that made us laugh and some that made us ponder and even prepare.

My aunt and uncle embrace Zack and his Down Syndrome diagnosis perhaps better than anyone we’ve talked to about it so far. There is a deep understanding and a reality-based yet positive outlook. They understand the trials that our family faces in the future and relish in the little victories we work so hard for — like

Zack’s ability to sit on his own, after months of exercises and practice!

If Zack is in the right mood, you can just plop him right in the middle of the floor or next to you on a couch cushion or chair and he will use those strong ab muscles to stay upright, sometimes putting his palms flat on the surface to steady himself in a shaky moment. It’s not just a split second — it’s 30 seconds, and then one minute, and then even two minutes.

Back to Uncle Joe and Aunt Dot.

They came to us with open hearts and open arms — and many gifts! We have fresh vegetables from Uncle Joe’s dinner shopping, bottles of wine and plenty of new toys for Z-Man to grab, throw, drop and chew on.

I loved every minute of their visit,but perhaps the best part for me was a long walk with Uncle Joe, both of us dodging raindrops (until the thunderstorm made an appearance at the end…) in our rain hats and raincoats, clutching our cameras and spending several minutes looking at the same image and talking about how we could compose a photo, how it should be lit, what the white balance should be and what depth of field was best. In between clicks of the camera came more great conversation.

And then, when that thunder started rolling in, we strode back toward home, arm in arm, one dinky small umbrella protecting our cameras but not our rain-soaked clothes, both of us smiling. We laughed when Scott came driving down the road to rescue us, we laughed and waved him off so we could continue our walk, stopping yet again to capture an image of the raindrops on the stream.

I am loved.

I am so very happy.

I am so truly lucky.

I’ve spent much of the day giggling with my little man, editing photos and remembering the warm happiness I swam in these past three days, all the while inhaling the fresh garlic in our kitchen.

Did I mention I am loved and happy?

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