10 months old

In just two months, Zack’s age will begin to be measured in years — not months and certainly not weeks or days. In just two months, Scott and I will celebrate the one-year-anniversary of the most important day so far in our life together — and all of the ups, downs, excitement and apprehension, nerves and fright, fear and most definitely love that we received with it.




This has probably been my favorite month with Zack so far — there has just been so much development and new achievements and the Z-Man is really starting to show his true personality, and all of the smiles and babbles that go along with it.

Zack’s physical therapist Miss Kathleen just left after Z’s weekly therapy session and we talked about my most favorite letter — “I” for Improvement. (Other options include “SI” for Slight Improvement and “M” for Maintaining Skills. I much prefer the “I.”)


In 45 minutes, Miss Kathleen got to experience, Zack-initiated kneeling, sturdy sitting, babbling, reaching and putting weight on his legs in a standing position (with assistance), all while I sat nearby grinning like a fool, filled with pride, not taking an ounce of this for granted.

Yesterday, the Z-Man sat for nearly an hour in a highchair, unsupported, eating his first adult food (french fries, grilled cheese and pasta pieces, oh my!) while I sat in half-shock. Thankfully, we had Z’s future prom date Olivia and her Mommy Julie there for support for both of us.






You see, it’s like everything has clicked in the past couple of weeks. We fought so hard for sitting skills and here they are, like it’s no big deal.









Earlier, there was a typical scooting backwards across the living room floor, an enjoyable yet frustrating activity that makes our Little Big Man want to creep forwards. He’ll get it soon, I know. I’m not even worried anymore. Gee, that only took almost a year!

Life is good.





Early summer heat waves have given us plenty of sunshine to soak in on walks and gatherings with friends.

I think, if it’s possible, our son is even more handsome in sunlight, his light blonde hair turning a pale white and his bright blue eyes searching for birds to follow, grass to feel, people to watch. As sure as the sun is shining on these days, the sunscreen is slathered on and the stroller or blanket come out to signal a fun day outdoors.








And the best part? There’s still no one in the world who can compete with his Momma and Daddy when it comes to love and fun.









We cheer him on when he rolls and rolls, pick him up when he falls from a steady sitting stance and he rewards us with quiet bonding moments filled with hand holding, high fives (his newest trick!) and the best hugs I’ve ever experienced.







I want to hit the pause button sometimes and in some moments, but I know I can’t. So I go with the flow, go with my guys and love up and live up every second I get.

The time is flying and I know it’s only going to go by faster so I make sure that I live in each and every moment.




It’s been an amazing month.

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