Little Man is ONE.

We celebrated the best we could, with heavy hearts for Uncle Paul and his family and with heavy hearts and minds for our own birthday boy and his journey. But we celebrated nonetheless. We celebrated the best we could.

Funny story. See, in early Spring, Scott and I decided we weren’t going to do anything with our backyard this year. We’d do the weekly mowing, but no gardens, no veggies, not even much weeding.

Then we decided to have a birthday party in the backyard. Whoops-a-daisy.

So, in the past couple of weeks, we scrambled to make up for two seasons’ worth of dirt, leaves, random flowers, four-foot high weeds and a lot of “stuff.” While we were both out there for hours at a time over several days, Scott really busted butt on getting the yard (and all those inflatable goodies we purchased) super-dooper ready for some company.

Zack was a big help, too.

I made myself useful by buying out all of Target — a kiddie pool, a sprinkler, gift boxes for kids and enough “1” paper products to kill a small forest.

And then, the morning of the party, it started raining.


So, the dining room table got shoved to a corner, rocking chairs and footstools and end tables were carried into the garage and we made do inside.

And then the door started flying open with loved ones.

We had family — Scott’s parents and grandparents and my dad and stepmother who traveled in from New Jersey and my cousin Dan who came in from Virginia.

Cousin Dan showed off his crab-crawl moves to Zack, who was thoroughly impressed and my dad just drank in every bit of his youngest grandchild.

And then there were our littlest friends — Sophia, Olivia, Hailey, Lexie, Owen, David, Chase and l’il Reagan. Fighting over the ice cream bucket in the midst of all of Zack’s baby toys; interacting with each other between attempts at standing, awkward steps and “ooohs” and “bahs” and “Ma” and “Da-da”

And I can’t forget all the Mommy and Daddy friends. The ones who have rode along on our journey this past year — compassionately, knowingly and lovingly. I fought back tears a time or two as I just took it all in — where we’ve been and where we’ve going and who’s along for the ride.

And we can’t forget about the Big Kids and all the fun they had, too…

And then, we had the honor of being invited to Birthday Buddy Chase’s party the following day. We love his Mommy and Daddy (and little sister!) very, very much and are so happy to see Zack and Chase grow up together.Let’s throw in David and Owen, our other special one-year-old boy buddies and alternate birthday parties, OK, ladies?

It was a great weekend, a great celebration.

For a great, great little boy.

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