We felt the love

Just a few weeks ago, Scott and I didn’t even know if we had the strength to hold a birthday party; we could only focus on a year anniversary of the hardest week of our lives.

We were sinking and needed a life preserver. A lifeboat. Something that could help us swim. Maybe even those lil swimmies kids wear on their arms. Man, I hated those.

Anyway, our orange inflatable “bubbles” as they were called during my childhood, arrived, once again in the form of the National Down Syndrome Society. NDSS really has a way of turning things around for us.

I sent out an e-mail inquiring about setting up a donation page, with little ambition, a lot of nerves and some skepticism. And a lady named Pam came into my life, via my inbox, helping to soothe us and creating a great donation page, all while staying in steady contact and never once outwardly commenting on my plethora of e-mails.

Today, $2,000 and 40 donations later, Pam completed our thank-you process and shared a photo or two of her very handsome Mr. Simon, another beautiful blonde fella.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is that life is oh-so-funny sometimes. And so full-circle. (Hellooooo, NDSS!) Thank you to those who donated in Zack’s name and thank you to those, like Pam, who have supported us along the way.

You can continue donating at Zack’s page, so don’t hold back! And stay tuned for another fundraiser down the road. I can’t wait until Zack truly realizes how much more rewarding it is to give than to receive. We’ve been so blessed to learn that lesson this summer.


So, thank you.


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