A simple day

My favorite days are spent in pajamas, with no make-up. Yesterday I grossly forgot to brush my teeth until about 4 p.m. You see, I was having too much fun with a handome little man.




































He peers up at me from underneath the dining room table, another new trick now that he’s crawling further and faster. I feel a tug on my pants leg, look down to big blue eyes and then, right on cue: “Ma” with a smile. My heart melts and I have an absolute out-of-body experience as I try to wrap my head around this growing, loving little boy that once grew inside of me.





I hold him a little closer, as if I can feel his independence taking him away, at least in the form of fewer snuggles. Some nights, I creep into his room to the hums of Scott’s snoring in the background, work clothes still on, holding my heels and I just stand over him, sometimes caressing a foot and whispering “I love you” over and over and over.


It’s turning chilly here, temperatures in my favorite range of the mid-60s. Zack and I both don our comfy sweatpants and enjoy the slight breeze that blows over the scattered toys of the newly-rearranged living room. We retreat to the backyard when we can because I think we can both sense that this Autumn will quickly pass and that soon it will be sledding and crackling wood in the fireplace.


Last night when Scott got home from work, I begged him to take a walk with us, like old times. He quickly and happily agreed. With Scott manning the two beasts — our slow-walking adopted Greyhound and Izzie, our sprinting, circling, barking Yorkie — we put The Dude in his new umbrella stroller, where he loved the freedom, spinning around to watch the dogs and look up at his parents, all the while the sun landing softly on his light blond locks.

We marched past the fire house across the road, taking up most of the street with our rag-tag posse, up the hill near the church where we were married nearly two years ago and up to the tennis courts where we used to let the dogs run wild to release energy; where we talked about our future while I laid a hand on my huge belly.











































I love our little town. I feel secure here and surrounded by beautiful, quiet comfort.






















It was just a great, simple day. I didn’t get much done and I didn’t exactly look the part of a supermodel. But our little family was happy.

I got quiet last night and Scott grew concerned, especially since my emotions have been up and down these past few weeks.

“What happened to your smile?” He asked, half-expecting a fight of some kind.

“I’m just keeping it inside, thinking about all these things that are making me so happy at this very moment,” I said.

I wanted to tell him it was him, it was Zack, our home, our town, the culmination of it all that was making me feel very, very blessed and loved.




That a simple day made me so very happy.

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