Silence isn’t a bad thing

Miss us?

Especially the blond-haired, blue-eyed, drooly-smile guy?

Sorry ’bout that.

We’re doing great. Beyond great. Things have been busy and things have been so, so beautiful, that I’ve just chosen a few quiet weeks to mull it all over in my mind rather than boring you with stories of how amazing my little man is… I mean, you knew that anyway, right?

It’s been a great few weeks.

We got through the cardiologist and urologist appointments easier than imagined. It’s still not easy watching ultrasound goo coat your 14-month-old’s round little belly, hands flailing, tears streaming, but the results were good: one of his holes in his heart has closed up on its own; the other is slowly but surely doing the same. We go back in one year for a check-up.

The urologist appointment in Pittsburgh gave us an excuse to test out another of my hotel chain’s properties and to explore the Three Rivers city a bit, a mini-getaway if you will. Zack loves his new carseat and spent most of the trip waving at us from the backseat. I got the camera out and played around with cityscape images.

And Little Man is now going to be visited by a third Early Intervention friend — an occupational therapist who will work on feeding, drinking, textures and some self-sufficiency. She seems so sweet and she will fit in with our EI family (like Miss Sheri, our special instructor who brings us rice to put our hands in and PlayDoh to stretch and pull!) just fine.

New skills include standing — everywhere and anywhere — in his pack-n-play, a good morning salute from his crib each day, the landing step downstairs, pulling himself up at the couch cushions to say “hi” to Momma. He loves the new altitude, the new view and grins from ear to ear like the little show-off that he is, which we love almost as much as the feat itself.

I have absolutely fallen for Fall. Zack’s love for leaves, his big curious eyes as we uncover local treats — covered bridges with friends and lunch dates and playdates and the beauty of a light jacket and an Autumn breeze — have given me such an appreciation and love for the season myself. He is discovering and uncovering so much. I love that he’s taking us along with him for that ride.

But there are adventures to be had indoors, too.

Visits from a favorite uncle on his way to a Southwestern Adventure.

Coming home from work to see images like this:

And there are just a thousand other “everyday moments” that I pray I remember in six months, in five years, when Zack’s 30, when I’m 90. The moments that remind me that being a mother is the most amazing thing I have ever done and will ever do in my life.

(And now a big mysterious shout-out to a someone special who let me and some others know about her long-awaited, already-loved baby-to-be news. I won’t ruin your public-place-let-it-out-there sharing… but I’m so happy for you! xoxo)

So we’ve been quiet.

But we’ve been great.

And things will only get better.

*Z-Man and Momma are off to New Jersey to visit with family this weekend. We’ll share our adventure next week when we return!