Click your heels together three times

The Z-Man and I went on an adventure to New Jersey together this past weekend — just the two of us. (Daddy needed a Sanity Break, plus he got lots done around the house!)

I needed Jersey. Every now and then, usually between two and three months from my last visit, I just crave the sights I grew up around, the people who made me who I am today. I yearn for the bridges and road signs and twisted tree branches and sounds that bring me back to 10 and 16 years old. I need Chicky Kisses and Papa Bear Hugs. And I hope Zack grows up wanting and loving those things, too.

Considering the fact that on Friday I was taking photos of flowers and red leaves at my parents’ house and on Sunday we were trudging around in snow from an unexpected storm that left them without power for several days and left Zack and I to have a slumber party with Aunt Alice Saturday night, everything went great!









I had the most fun just watching everybody gobble up Zack and his happy personality. Many of those we saw this weekend haven’t seen Big Man in three months and he has changed SO much. He was part of a Pumpkin Party with delicious food; he received Chochie’s infamous kisses and pulled on Pop-Pop’s nose. There were cousins and aunts and grandparents and even extended family. There were hugs and truck noises and laughs and picture-taking. And a really cute video of him eating turkey pieces floating around Facebook.










































My aunt has been through an unimaginable year yet her love for Zack was so huge, so obvious. I just kept whispering to Zack, “You are loved so much, you are loved so much.”

I love seeing my aunt as a “Chochie”, my dad as a grandfather, my niece as a proud big cousin. I loved seeing my grandmother on her hands and knees offering Zack pumpkins from her Halloween lights and little cousin Ryan singing Bob the Builder to an amazed Z-Man, taking in his every move.

It was such a beautiful adventure.






























You are so loved, you are so loved, you are so loved.

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