Christmastime Adventure 2011

Any hardships or difficulties in driving through the night or putting an extra 1,000 miles on the vehicle a couple of weeks ago was easily and happily overcome by the intense and incredible love, peace, relaxation and pure joy we experienced along the way. We crossed state lines and purchased a portable DVD player and Blue’s Clues DVD to save our sanity, but we added a large menagerie of beautiful memories and snapshots of our loved ones.


We already knew that Zack was adored and understood and truly loved by cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, but it doesn’t take away from how beautiful it is to see that love unfold in front of our eyes. To see the inhaling of his baby scent; the babbling right there with him; the sharing of favorite toys and precious moments.








My family — both sides– are passionate creatures. We love tirelessly and sometimes, that crazy love comes in crazy forms. But if your family doesn’t have a bit of crazy in them, I just don’t know how you can love ’til the ends of the earth; how you can share your heart with someone else.

Love came in many forms that week in Massachusetts and New Jersey. I felt so at peace, as always, driving past the colonial homes and rolling hills of New England. Despite the fact that I never lived there, it’s where I feel most in a state of pure comfort; where my soul rests and grins.

We quietly celebrated as my strong, amazing aunt checked yet another milestone off on her unexpected journey. And we were given a lot of Chicky Kisses. No one was spared!




And my two guys did nothing but help my love for my family grow. I embraced the extra seconds and minutes and hours and days with them, from first-morning babbles to lights-out. And I watched my husband be the amazing father that he is. And that Little Man of mine was the star of the show everywhere we went, practicing his standing, sharing his babble-y thoughts and giving cuddles and snuggles to all with open arms.






Like any vacation or special occasion, it did of course end too quickly. But I came away feeling oh-so-blessed and oh-so-loved. We are already talking visits and get-togethers and summer vacations and train rides. And I hope it all comes true.

Because feeling this loved, loving this much, shouldn’t happen just once a year.

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