Empty half of a bed

My Love has gone on a short journey. Wednesday evening, really Thursday morning, Scott backed his Cruiser of a car down our driveway and I watched the red lights go down our country road, imagining the left at the post office, the long highway miles until he pulled into an airport to catch a flight or two.
He is visiting family, namely his ill grandfather in Florida, until late Monday. (Please keep them in your thoughts)

I miss him.
Especially at nighttime. As soon as the house is surrounded by the darkness and the creaks of the old structure pick up, I feel on edge, I feel alone. I woke up three times last night — conducive to my bathroom visit schedule but not to gaining much-needed rest.
But the daytime hours get me through; the love of friends who come to visit and help the minutes pass along.
And a handsome towhead (just for you, Reva) who gets his Momma’s undivided attention one long last time before I go back to work; before we become a family of four in a few months. This is something very, very special.

Zack is an amazing little fella and he makes his Momma and Daddy feel so fortunate so much of the time. He babbles little phrases excitedly, battles with friendly kittens, crawls so very, very fast and notes every movement and sound in the room.

And he stands.
He crawls to the middle of the floor, uses arms and legs and stomach muscles to pull himself up, slowly, teetering, to a standing position. He lingers there three, five, eight seconds, and lands with a thump on the floor. Barely there for a second and he tries it again.

I simultaneously hold my breath and cheer with loud clapping every single time. He seems so tall, he seems so fearless. What was I ever worried about?

And I’ve been told I need to dedicate more lovin’ to Lil Miss Z. She is is large enough for me to feel her twists and turns and small enough to do a somersault in my stomach at least every 23 seconds. (She’s between papaya and grapefruit size… which just makes me hungry for fruit). Our last doctor’s visit two weeks ago was uneventful and the only major “milestone” coming up is my gestational diabetes testing in a couple of weeks.
We are slowly but surely coming up with a list of duplicate items we need (another crib, yes… a double stroller, perhaps…) and Scott has been making terrific headway finishing up our basement project and clearing out the old office which will be Lil Miss’s nursery in a few months. I’m starting to get excited about our little girl, although not quite the level of pink-shag-carpet-on-the-ceiling-in-celebration level that my husband is at currently. I pick out an outfit (usually blue or yellow or purple) and am told that No, actually all girls are required to wear strawberry-and-flowers decorated dresses with ruffly underwear and matching headbands. We’ll see if I get my tomboy.

Two things of note before I bombard you with photos from the last couple of weeks:
– There are only six weeks until 3-21, World Down Syndrome Day, a fantastic opportunity to reflect on Down Syndrome, learn more about DS and spread the word about DS.
Like my fancy button?
Grab This Button

– Also, please check out this touching video done by my Mommy Blogger “Friend” Kelle Hampton, whose daughter Nella just turned 2 (and has helped raise $200,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society).
“Down Syndrome doesn’t define our family…”

And now, I present without further ado, photos of my handsome little man. Have a great weekend!







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