While the Daddy’s away…

My handsome hubby returns to us today after several days away. He was missed, but I’m so happy he had this trip, this chance. And it was a great opportunity for me, too. I had these hours and days with The Dude; this chance to prove that I can overcome the creaky, lonely house and the potential for mice in the mudroom (even if I just simply chose to never use the mudroom…).

Z-Man and I had a great few days.

There was standing. And almost walking! And lots of snuggles, of course. We laughed a lot. We talked a lot. Well, he babbled incomprehensively and I responded with deep thoughts about life.

And we felt a lot of love from a lot of amazing people. So many of Zack’s little friends came to spend time with us. And that meant so, so much to both of us.

It’s been a really, really great few days.



*Remember, 3-21, World Down Syndrome Day, is coming up quickly. Make sure you’ve visited ndss.org and please think about all of our Zacharys and all of our possibilities for tomorrows.

Speaking of 3-21… I’ve been presented with a great honor, a great possibility myself to bring about some awareness in our area. I’m thinking it over and thinking that it requires a little bravery for a lot of that awesome possibility. Zack would want me to, I think. More soon…









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