Recalling the week

It’s simple… These are my favorite moments of the week.

Addie is four weeks old today, and as I look at her sleeping on my lap, legs bent in toward the stomach she called home for nine-plus months, I’m completely mesmerized, taking in her big eyes and long little fingers like I haven’t been staring at her every chance I get. And whoever thinks lil girls don’t snore hasn’t been around this sleeping beauty. She gets that from her daddy.

She’s definitely changing and is as mesmerized by the world around her as it is by her. Her baby blues are open much more during the day and I can tell she’s following nearby movement and shadows. She’s making more noises, too… Aside from the cries and shrieks and s’mores and… other things, she’s trying out new coos and soft sighs.

She hasn’t seemed to have lost much hair other than the standard rubbed-off patch on the back of her head and she’s patient with me as this tomboy fumbles with barrettes and headbands and little pink bonnets.


This week, we introduced her to the swing that was once used by her brother and before that her older cousin. She loves it! Momma loves that she loves it, too! I’ve been keeping it near the open front door so she has sunshine and bird chirping and a summer breeze for company on her swinging adventure. She’s fascinated by the nearby stained glass window, too.




The swing, along with the baby Bjorn backpack, free my hands so that I can work through my to-do list and get more time with Big Brother.

Oh, and that son of mine. Talk about love. I so enjoy just watching him test his limits and babble to whatever or whomever is nearby. He imitates animal sounds like a champ, especially “meow” or “roar” but is still slow to get comprehensible words out… The occasional “Ma” or “Da” but that’s about it. He understands a lot and makes impressive emotional and social connections.

And he has started to sign “baby” this week. Possibly my favorite moment of the week.

Zack is spending more and more time voluntarily near his sister. He crawls over and stands up if I’ve laid her on the couch and babbles to her in the changing pad if she’s crying. He’s incredibly calm and gentle with her, almost as if he knows she’s little and fragile… Or just plain special. He tried throwing a ball at her yesterday, but I think he just wanted to play catch. Other than that, it’s all hair-petting and smiling.

As good of a big brother he is, he is much more than that.

He has tested out our family’s new inflatable pool a couple of times with Daddy and I don’t know who enjoys it more.


And the Dude has a new big boy booster seat he is so proud of, smiling when we put him in and playing with it even after the meal is long over.


He moves a lot of furniture lately, mostly chairs. Perhaps he’s trying to improve our home’s feng shui?



Zack had a doctor’s checkup this week, too,and got a huge thumbs-up! He was up to 27 pounds and 33 inches. Other than a minor case of eczema, all is well. No more appointments for half a year!

And now, other week highlights, in photo form only… (by the way, please be patient as I start to add watermarks to my photos and please, for your sake and mine, don’t try to print or copy photos from the blog… Just let me know if you’d like a copy of a certain photo…)

Have a great weekend!






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