My baby daddy

I sometimes wonder if being a dad isn’t harder than being a mom.
Mom gets all the glory and attention with the bump, then the newborn. Mom can feed said newborn with no fridge and no warming device. Mom usually gets more time with the kid or kids. And girls are shown how to become nurturing, maternal women when they grow up while boys are encouraged to play rough and be tough. Yet there’s still so many great dads in this world.

My own dad was strict but supportive and sacrificed so much to give me a great life. He’s my hero, my world. He is my Papa Bear and I am his Baby Girl. My dad has cheered me on and given me so many great memories. And we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. And we have only gotten a better relationship as the years go by.

I love now watching my dad in his newest role of PopPop to his six grandkids. The interest he takes in Zack’s latest achievements and the way he looked at Addie the first time he saw her… Well, those moments are so special.



It’s just like seeing Scott first romantically, and then as a companion, best friend, husband. I loved him more with every new hat he wore, every new role he fit into flawlessly. His even temper and calm nature keep me grounded (and sometimes sane) and so grateful he is in my life.
But when I looked at him in an OR nearly two years ago, just moments before he was first becoming a dad, I knew this next journey, next title, would be the most extraordinary one yet.

Scott hasn’t had the easiest Daddyhood to navigate; there were times I knew he was hurting or feeling jaded or bitter, but I look at himand our family two years later and there is no doubt that there is anybody else who could be a better father to our children. I don’t think Scott is a perfect dad, nor do I think a perfect dad is the best dad. Just like with my own dad, I know the times Scott has been nervous or shaken or scared, angry or frustrated or exhausted, those are the times that make him a better father.

br />20120617-192033.jpg

Some of my happiest moments of being a mother come from watching Scott with Zack and Addie — simultaneous snores during late-night snuggles, walks around town, clapping for achievements, funny faces and so much patience and joy.


They are the moments that make me so proud of our family and so grateful for the journey,even if I once doubted we’d ever catch our breath again. He’s made me cry happy tears and laugh hysterically.



I don’t know where Scott learned his skills as a dad, or if they are even something you learn versus something just tucked away inside of us. Scott is different from his parents and unique from the father figures I’ve met from his life. He is his own man, his own type of Daddy, and this lil Zee Family is better for that.

br />20120617-192342.jpg



Happy Fathers Day, Scott, and thank you. You are loved. Times three.



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