Family reunion, Zee style

Scott’s family does family reunions like professionals, like in the movies. There are annual get-togethers, sometimes the only time the family really sees one another for 365 days. There are hugs and smiles to remind an attendee that this is a rare occasion, but from then on out, everyone just fits seamlessly with the cousins and uncles at the table next to them as if not a day has gone by this close-knit group.

Scott’s paternal grandfather is the fourth of nine children and all but one of them was there this past weekend. Each of the nine branches of this long and loving family tree was at least partially represented. Updates were given (in birth order) by each family to bring everybody else up to speed.



I’ve been to three of these reunions, but this year’s was by far my favorite. Perhaps as my own individual family grows, I realize more and more the importance of one’s roots, the continuation and understanding of those tree branches.

I am always made to feel like part of the family, not like I married in or am an outsider. I am given the greatest of bear hugs and am treated to serious and hysterical conversations alike. Aunt Carolyn joked that Addie’s middle name was spelled and pronounced incorrectly in our attempts to name her after her great-great aunt. Uncle Jerry treated Addison to kind whispers and Zack to a joint piano concert. Uncle Leon and Aunt Janet are the most selfless and gracious of hosts (and people) and always help this event to come together.



There are questions, out of love, about Zack, his treatment and his future. Real, honest conversations that mean so much to us — that show a desire for understanding and a commitment to a shared outlook and philosophy.

There was practically a line circling around our table, with loved ones anxious to see Z-Man and meet Miss Addie. Our children were stolen from us and were relocated in arms of love. We were okay with this theft. After the plates were cleaned and many of the guests had begun to leave, we found ourselves hanging around much longer than we had intended, watching more beaming smiles looking down at our daughter, watching our son explore and be a good boy long after nap time had come and gone. This might have been my favorite part. That point at a special moment where you find yourself willing your feet to be glued to that very spot.



Oh, and the blog was even given a special shout-out!
I’m glad that it, this thing that came to life at first to keep our loved ones up to speed on our day-to-day life adventures, has done just that. Several people told me they felt as though they already knew Addie and Zack just from reading the blog. That’s what it’s all about.

I’m so happy, and so proud, to be a part of this family.
It’s a beautiful, wonderful family.
I like this tree a lot.



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