The force of July love

We were the most patriotic lil gang we could be yesterday for Independence Day. When you have two little ones, you have to pat yourself on the back when you remember to dress the kiddos in red, white and blue. Mommy success!



Aside from the blue-and-white polka dots and American flag T- shirt, we had grilled goodies, games, a trip to the local fair, a couple of innings at a Little League baseball game and ice cream at our little nearby dairy.

But the best part? Sharing it all with Cousin Dan and his lovely lady, Dorothy. We love them for a million different reasons, but perhaps most of all for how fun they are and how they’re always up for anything, from making a cat head out of the fur they find from petting one of the cats to spending their holiday with our little family.


We had a lot of laughs and so, so much fun, celebrating America’s independence and our dependence and need for the bonds of family and love.

The best summer of my life continues…





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