Cousins visit!

This post could also be known as Better Late Than Never, being as it’s been almost three weeks since said visit, but between 12-14-hour days at work over a busy holiday week and continuing to transition to being a working Momma again, I’ve been pushing aside several posts that I’ve started but just haven’t taken the time to finish. But I’m back!

Anyway, my cousin Becky, her husband Mark and their boys Kevin and Ryan came for a visit from Massachusetts by way of Chicago. (They were in Chicago, their old home, for a visit and stopped by on their way home to New England).

I’ve said it before, but it rings true again — it is so unbelievably special to have more and more of our loved ones spend time with us in our home, see what our daily lives are like and to really understand our little world.





Becky and Mark are fantastic parents and their boys are so intelligent, so outdoorsy and so good with our babies. So much fun was had in just the simplest of activities. (I almost choked on my gum when one of the boys picked up a weed-looking plant at the park and said, “Look at this succulent!”)

There were lots of hugs and catching up, of course, but it was some of the other moments I cherished most — watching my little cousins hunt for — and find! — crayfish at a park, showing off my hotel, playing in the backyard and of course watching Zack fall totally in love with his older cousins and the attention he got from all of them. (And don’t think for a minute that Addie didn’t receive her fair share of lovin’.















And I have to share my favorite instance of photo-bombing so far. You can just make out a little brown tuft of Addie’s afro in the background…


I love this getting-older-and-finding-your-place-in-the-world stuff. It’s pretty spectacular to have a family to show off, a home to host in, a long list of things that make you realize just how very special your life really is and how lucky you really, really are.

Goodbyes were tough, really tough, but I’m so looking forward to our foursome visiting their foursome and them coming back in the future.



And I can’t wait for Zack to hunt for crayfish.


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