Just another day

Just another day, just a few random thoughts.

When did she go from sobbing at the mere impression that she was disappointing us (you know, that moment when one small hand is laying on top of the dog food, “NO!” has just been screamed from across the room and the lip begins to pucker up) to looking at me the way I used to squint my disgusted teenage eyes at my dad years and years ago?

We had five steps right off the bat today — five steps to follow a kitty the very second her feet touched the hardwood floors this morning. (The record is still seven steps at once).

She turned 11 months yesterday and the fact that it’s a matter of weeks or days until her first birthday terrifies and amazes me. I can say that we have made the most of every day in this house this past year. I can also say that while there were times, especially early on, that I locked myself in the bathroom to simply sit in a quiet room and breathe for five minutes (or times like today when I cracked open a Sam Adams with the country-song-proclamation that it’s “five o’clock somewhere), I think we’ve done a damn fine job at juggling two babies.


She’s always looking at something from the corner of her eye. She’s always busy, but she’s always watching, don’t doubt that for a moment.

He is always moving. Climbing up on the radiator, squeezing (and then getting stuck) through an open gate or doorway, landing on top of a cat at fifty miles an hour.

But he’s still so loving. He understands “kisses” and now “smooch!” and gives them away with a beautiful smile to accompany them.

He said “waffle” this morning and is perfecting his “push” and “pull” and “out” sounds. Speaking of out — this boy wants to be outside at ALL times. As soon as the door opens, he’s grabbing the first shoe he can find (usually one of my ballet flats or a slipper of Scott’s) and has a hand on the back doorknob.

I can’t help but laugh when he plays his latest game of grabbing a nearby ice cream bucket, empty baby wipes box or a blanket and throws it over Addie’s head. I say “can’t help but laugh” because in that moment, Addie FREAKS THE FREAK OUT! And there I am, laughing like a good mom.

Oh and there was that cute little outburst of what sounded like “Oh s—!” from Little Man during one of my best friends’ baby shower. (You know, that quiet moment in between opening presents). Giggles.

Addie is finishing up her nap (I know she’s still sleeping because she hasn’t begun slamming her crib against the wall in protest — no, seriously, you can’t make this up) and Z-Man is sitting in his Cars seat eating goldfish and moving his arms up and down (“dancing”) to the music I’m playing currently. It’s a good moment.

I’ve got a pork roast in the crock pot with homemade barbecue sauce Scott created yesterday sometime in between a 10-hour-day, dinner, playtime and bedtime with two babies and cooking a delicious dinner for us last night. Laundry’s underway. I cleaned half of the house (and rediscovered our basement and one of the first photos of myself and Scott together in the process!). Almost done with that Sam Adams. Did some photography research and practiced some Lightroom editing. And even did a blog entry! And it’s only 3 p.m.

I flip on the news every now and then, yell at myself for watching all of the frustrating events in Boston, turn it off, flip it back on, and around and around we go.

But soon, the TV will turn off, the computer (and iPad and iPhone…) will go away, the camera gets put down and I’ll make sure I’m truly living in the moment. I’m sure there will be squished goldfish in my future. Maybe a slamming of a crib against a wall. Probably another Sam Adams.

And love.
And giggles.
And just another beautiful, beautiful day. April19-1











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