A family of four
























We’ve been cookin’ things up in the Zee Household and Zack told me it was finally time to let the world know.


It’s not that I haven’t had much time lately or that I didn’t have much to say. It’s that I had something big, growing figuratively in my heart and most literally in my belly. It’s that I had to hold it tight all to myself, a precious secret that doesn’t come by in life all too often.

It’s the whirlwind of emotions that come with a new chapter, a new discovery; the talks and plans and dreams we have battled between making and not making; editing and revising. And in the end, we decide just to live. And to love. Because through it all, we’re pretty darned good at that loving thing. (We think so at least, and Z-Man tells us we’re pretty good at what we do)

Z 2 2 B will be joining our Love Fest, happy thoughts willing, in May. S/he has already proven themselves to be quite a handful, at least if morning sickness and difficulty is concerned, but those 18 years of being grounded ought to set them straight really quickly, so don’t worry.

Scott and I are so excited to become parents again, to have a tiny human being wrap us around its itsy-bitsy little finger and then grow into a crawling, giggling, beautiful toddler. We pray that “the kids” grow up loving each other, playing with each other and pushing each other; that they are as much friends as they are siblings and that they will always have the others’ back. We hope that we learn from every parent mistake we’re sure to make and that we always take a time-out for a spontaneous pre-bedtime tickle and an extra splash at bedtime.

That we never forget the big things but don’t let them be the only things we see. That we are steered instead by guts and heart and that good ole-fashioned love fest we’ve wanted all our lives.

To those of you who knew, thank you for being good secret-keepers and vent-listeners.

I no  longer believe in being lucky. Only blessed.

So yes, we’ve been great. Oh-so-great. My husband and my first-born are playing upstairs, filling our hallways and stairways with echoes of laughter. I can’t even imagine the beautiful harmony that will happen when we add one more giggle to our repertoire.

Another chapter in our adventure. In our journey.

Care to join us?