The Z Family

The Zee Family is made up of a lot of love, a bit of drool and a bunch of fur.

We became parents on Aug. 7, 2010. Zachary was diagnosed with Down Syndrome one week later. DS isn’t a big deal, we’ve learned. Our son is healthy and happy. He loves playing with Rocky’s tail and playing Pattycake. He’s working on signing and walking and becoming the independent man we know he can be.

Zachary became a big brother in May 2012 when we add a lot of pink to our house via Addison Caroline. She has a lot of hair and a lot of personality, with a smidge of attitude.



Wendy’s a Jersey Girl with a love for reading, writing, the outdoors and most especially her still-blossoming photography. She’s usually got a camera with her but most of our loved ones just ignore the Paparazzo by now. She’s a Fierce Love kind of Woman.

One thought on “The Z Family

  1. Discovered you on the NDSS pages and had to connect. My daughter and son-in-law (last name Zook) have a 4 year old son named Zachary. They also have a son born in Aug, 2009 who happens to have Down syndrome. She’s a Jersey girl, too! Had to reach out and tell you good luck with your fund raising. And to wish you all the best as your little girl arrives!

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